Arizona Rep. Schweikert Calls Controversy Over Immigration Law 'Political Theater'

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments today on Arizona's tough immigration law, Arizona Rep. David Schweikert defended the law, saying it is being used by both parties for political gain.

"My great frustration is that I believe much of this is being used for political theater for one party or the other to move their political agenda," Schweikert said on Wednesday on CNN's Early Start, adding that the law was meant to be "about Arizona being able to defend itself from illegal immigration because the federal government isn't doing its job."

Schweikert added that "unfair and inaccurate" reporting has led to a mischaracterization of what the law actually does. He argued that the legislation has built-in safeguards to protect against racial profiling.

"There has to be a legitimate legal violation and there has to be a legitimate suspicion that someone is here illegally," he said.