Ann Romney Has Struggled

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Ann Romney went on Fox News today to set the record straight about her husband's commitment to women and her own hard work as a mother, rebutting Hilary Rosen's CNN comments that she never worked a day in her life. Romney spoke to Fox's Martha MacCallum this morning, which she had touted on her brand-new Twitter account. 

That tweet would be a preview of Romney's talking points. "My career choice was to be a mother, and all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make," Romney said, sticking to a tried and true Republican talking point and no, she's obviously not talking about that type of choice. "[Rosen] should have come to my house when those 5 boys were causing trouble … it wasn’t so easy."  

And about her gilded, Cadillac-driving life?  "Maybe I haven't struggled as much financially as some people have, but I can tell you, I've had struggles in my life," she said (without naming actual specific struggles). 

Fox has jumped on Ann's career choice, using this image on their frontpage (so many blue checkered shirts in so many sizes), nevermind that it sort of insinuates that a woman's primary job is to breed: 

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