Ron Paul's The Only Glitter-Bomb Target Left

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Newt Gingrich will get Secret Service protection starting at midnight, Fox News reported, making Ron Paul the only candidate without a government-funded security entourage -- and the only legitimate glitter-bomb target left. Gingrich requested protection on Feb. 27, the same day the service started guarding Santorum. Fox News suggests that this may mean he'll stay in the race past Super Tuesday. It also means the original glitter-bomb target won't get doused with sparkles anymore.

Paul says he hasn't requested Secret Service protection because it's a waste of taxpayer money. Perhaps he also feels left out by the sparkly attacks that have doused Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum more than once. Paul did get hit with a handful of glitter once, but he's lagging compared to the competition. He still may not have won a state in this election, but at least Paul's may get an edge in the glitter race.

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