Romney Wins Puerto Rico, Headed For 'Blowout' in Illinois

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Mitt Romney pulled off a clean sweep of Puerto Rico's Republican delegates on Sunday, and at least one poll shows him with a commanding lead in Tuesday's Illinois primary. While some precincts have yet to report in, Romney has taken nearly 90 percent of the vote  vote in island territory, in part because of his announced support for statehood. By winning more than 50 percent of the votes, Romney will claim all 20 of Puerto Rico's delegates, dealing a big blow to Rick Santorum who spent two crucial — and apparently wasted — days campaigning there.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling released its final Illinois numbers showing Romney with a 15-point edge in Illinois. Not only do their poll show Romney with a big edge in most demographics, they seem to show Santorum's support weakening among rural voters, Evangelicals and Tea Partiers — or at least not on part with how he's done in previous states. Perhaps most damaging of all, according to PPP, even if Newt Gingrich were not on the ballot, Romney would still hold a double digit edge.

Other news outlets claim the vote will be much closer, but we're well beyond the point in the game where Santorum needs just a "strong showing." The New York Times, in calling Illinois a "test" of Romney's moderate credentials, cites a Chicago Tribune poll showing a Romney lead within the 4-point margin of error, but that data may be more than a week old. Their own projection blog, FiveThirtyEight, has Romney with a decisive edge as well. Both candidates will go all in on the state on Monday, launching big pushes on the final day before the vote.

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