Romney-Rubio 2012 Sounds Pretty Good to Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush wasn't finished with his endorsement of Mitt Romney on Wednesday, telling a reporter that if it were up to him, Senator Marco Rubio would be Romney's ideal running mate. "He is the best orator of American politics today, a good family man. He is not only a consistent conservative, but he has managed to find a way to communicate a conservative message full of hope and optimism," Bush told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, adding that Rubio is "dynamic, joyful, disciplined, and principled." Being happy is apparently a qualification for the second most important position in America in Jeb Bush's eyes. And we should've seen this coming since Bush once presented Rubio with a majestic-sounding sword. (How many other senators has Bush given a mystical sword to?) 

National Journal notes that Rubio has long been touted as high on the list of Romney's potential running mates. But Rubio has repeatedly said that he totally doesn't want to be vice president. So what gives? As NJ's Alexandra Jaffe points out, "[R]ecent moves--like the expedited publishing date of his memoirs--have caused some to wonder if he might be warming up to the idea." And there's always 2016. Jaffe adds, "But if Bush gets his way on a Romney-Rubio ticket and Romney fails to take the White House this fall, that could put Rubio ahead of the rest of the pack come 2016."

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