The Republican All-Star Endorsements Romney Still Wants

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Rep. Paul Ryan endorsed Mitt Romney Friday, adding to the growing sense that the Republican presidential primary is no-really-completely-totally-over this time, which makes it all the more curious that some Republican all-stars haven't endorsed him. "When was the last time an establishment Republican endorsed anyone but Romney? Detecting a pattern here," The Wall Street Journal's Neil King tweeted. On the other hand, "At this stage, non-endorsements of Mitt Romney are more noteworthy than endorsements," Yahoo's David Chalian saod after the Ryan news. Who are these remaining holdouts?

If Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, Romney's got a lot of bold-faced names on his team: the Reese Witherspoon (Nikki Haley), the Ryan Gosling (Paul Ryan), the Morgan Freeman (George H.W. Bush), the George Clooney (Jeb Bush). Here's who he's missing:

The Angelina Jolie: Sarah Palin. Palin quasi-endorsed Newt Gingrich before the South Carolina primary, and she said she voted for him in the Alaska caucus. But Newt's campaign is struggling, and he's selling autographed photos of himself to raise money like a sad out-of-work child star of the 19990s. Which Gingrich essentially is. But Palin's brand depends on being "anti-establishment," whatever that means when you were a vice-presidential candidate and remain a pundit on Fox News, so we don't expect a Romney endorsement any time soon.

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The Will Ferrell: George W. Bush (obviously). Bush has said he'll stay neutral during the primary, even if most of his family is backing Romney. Given that the Republican candidates barely mentioned his name all primary, we don't expect Romney will be asking him to change his mind.

The Meryl Streep: Mitch Daniels. Daniels is the talented spending-cutter that many conservatives were desperate to see run for president. When Paul Ryan announced his endorsement of Romney, Fox wondered if he'd demanded consideration to be running mate in exchange. Ryan said the idea was "ridiculous," but it wasn't. Maybe Daniels is waiting for Romney to consider considering him?

The Megan Fox: Michele Bachmann. Bachmann, like Fox, is pretty popular among a certain segment of the population, but Bachmann, like Fox, also says slightly nutty things from time to time. Bachmann has said it's time to "unify, unify, unify." But perhaps this endorsement would be more trouble than it's worth? 

The Will Smith: Rand Paul. The Kentucky senator has endorsed his dad Ron Paul, obviously. But for weeks there's been speculation of a Paul-Romney alliance, with Paul going easy on Romney so Romney will consider the younger Paul, a more mainstream political star, for vice-president.

The Sean Penn: Jim DeMint. The tea Party activist has said he's not endorsing this time, but he's come very, very close to saying he's backing Romney.

The Jennifer Lawrence: Susana Martinez. The popular New Mexico governor and rising star has been floated as a possible runningmate by Romney himself. What is she waiting for?

The Matthew McConaughey: Haley Barbour. The former Mississippi governor was considered a potential presidential candidate based mostly on how fun he is at parties. Barbour has waffled a bit, saying it looks like Romney will be the nominee "unless he steps on a landmine," but also saying he voted for Gingrich and complaining, "what do we know about all that is that Mitt hasn't been able to get the party coalesced behind him."

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