Rep. Mary Bono Mack's Favorite Song is by Dr. Dre

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If you see Rep. Mary Bono Mack catching the red eye back to the West Coast, don't bother her--you might ruin her Dr. Dre playlist. In a report today, Roll Call's Ivan Natividad asked several West Coast congresspeople how they deal with the flights to and from Washington D.C. to, we're guessing, possibly give the common non-congresspersons some pointers and tips on making the most out of long flights.  But the thing is, with congresspeople who are pretty media savvy, you get answers like "Right now I’m reading the biography of Ted Kennedy," or "Pack light, stay hydrated and drink a lot of water."  So we were sort of thrilled to get this tidbit from Bono Mack:

“Sometimes I like a People magazine I can thumb through. I’ll play solitaire on my iPad when I’m really tired,” she says ...

During flights, Mack — once married to a former pop star — also likes to relax with some tunes. 

“I listen to Dr. Dre’s ‘I Need a Doctor,’ classic rock, classical. I listen to a lot of different things,” she says.

We don't know if Bono Mack just listens to that one track on repeat (if you haven't heard "I Need a Doctor", it sort of sounds like something you'd listen to while warming up for a track meet) or if it's a joke, but  for the rest of the answers head on over to Roll Call.

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