Obama Schedules Distracting Press Conference in the Middle of Super Tuesday

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Is Barack Obama trying to preempt coverage of the GOP's big Super Tuesday? White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tweeted news of the president holding a press conference tomorrow right in the middle of 11 Republican primaries and caucuses without noting the time or even the topic. Clearly, this will distract some political corespondents who'd otherwise give full attention to the Republican races, forcing them to file stories about Obama instead. The timing is interesting since it's not like the president holds a lot of press conferences: Tomorrow's will be his first since October, USAToday notes, and White House reporters haven't been too thrilled with the amount of time the president has given them since taking office.

USA Today speculates that the topic(s) will be Iran and Israel. Or the economy. Or the GOP race itself. But that's all beside the spotlight-swiping point. We saw Obama create a similar scheduling conflict last Tuesday, during the Michigan and Arizona primaries, when he gave a chest-trumping speech to UAW workers. (A speech that, Carney insisted, was "not at all" a campaign speech, even though no one—including us—treated it as such.) Then again, it's not like the president hasn't shown a willingness to step aside and let his rivals have the stage: In August the White House announced a major jobs speech scheduled against a Republican debate, but later rescheduled it. That was nice of them.

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