Newt Gingrich Is Already Bored with This

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Newt Gingrich sure looked bored while he read his own campaign website on the Rick & Bubba radio show in Alabama Tuesday. With Alabama and Mississippi voting, this is supposed to be the big day when his southern strategy pays off. But could it be that the thrill is gone for Newt in this whole "running for the President of the United States" thing? Photographic evidence indicates yes.

A close-up of that expression reaching almost teenage levels of boredom:

Gingrich's boredom at his own site's pledge to lower gas prices did not come after some drawn-out discussion that would leave him tired. The radio host, a close-up shows, was reading the Heritage Foundation's blog.

Winning is a lot more exciting than just making sure someone else loses, but Gingrich has admitted that he probably won't get the majority of delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. He can only block Mitt Romney from getting a majority. “I can tell you right now, he’s tired. He needs your prayers," was former Mississippi state Sen. Lee Yancey's introduction for Gingrich in Tupelo last week, the Associated Press reports. He's looked tired all week.

Here he is walking into a church in Brandon, Mississippi Sunday, wearing a half-hearted smile that would not make the Lord proud:

He doesn't look excited to meet this guy, Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, in the state senate Thursday. Maybe because he's the "establishment"?

(Above photos via Associated Press.)

At this month's AIPAC conference, he was caught on tape napping before his turn to speak, as New York's Noreen Malone captured in this lovely gif.

Even these Gingrich puppets aren't happy -- and neither is this Newt puppeteer. 

(Photo via Reuters.)

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