Just Kidding Chicago, May's G8 Summit Will Actually Be at Camp David

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President Obama and his administration have decided to move the G8 summit from the Windy City to Camp David, that wooded retreat in Maryland. In the official announcement, the White House cited "the facilitation of a free-flowing discussion with our close G-8 partners" on May 18 and 19th. This will be a very American setting for the leaders of the free world, especially in comparison to last year's summit in Deauville, France (pictured above). 

The delegation will then head to Chicago for the corresponding NATO summit on May 20th and 21st, when they'll most certainly be greeted by a pack of Occupy protesters. Adbusters, the anti-branding branding machine that helped come up with the idea of an Occupy movement, has been recruiting activists for weeks in anticipation for a major action that would target both the G8 and NATO summits. Occupy Wall Street's main New York City account tweeted the news a few minutes after the White House Press Office made the announcement: "They are running scared from the people." Or running circles around them and the press. "G8 at Camp David [is] throwing wrenches in every news organization's coverage plans," tweeted Peter Rothberg, The Nation's associate publisher. "[It's] tough to get credentials in there."

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