Herman Cain's Post-Candidacy Brand Is About Animal Suffering

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Update, 1:04 PM EST: It looks like the video has been removed from YouTube.

The latest Herman Cain contribution to the discussion of the economy involves catapulting a bunny into the air and having someone who looks nerdy Rob Lowe shoot it down with a rifle ... wait what were we talking about again? OK, so this time the household pet being subject to violence in Cain's Sick of Stimulus campaign is all CGI -- unlike the goldish which Cain tortured when trying to make a point about the economy -- but it suggests that Cain and his team seem to be more in love with making animal torture videos. It's like Cain Connections is the Saw of PACs. 

For starters the video is just titled "Rabbit", not  "Small Business Under the Current Tax Code" or anything of that nature--just the simple subject: "Rabbit".  And according to the YouTube description, Cain's team is all about "taking the campaign to the next level" by taking suggestions for submissions. But take away the creepy girl with the Anna Wintour bob and that spectacled bizarro Rob Lowe character who shoots down the fake, squealing bunny, and the ad's message isn't all that imaginative -- we get, "Herman Cain wants you to remember that Cain isn't afraid to kill tiny cute animals" -- which is a slight improvement over infidelity and sexual harassment

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