Gingrich's Moneyman is Cutting Him Off

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Sheldon Adelson has been spouting off about the mathematical improbability of Newt Gingrich getting more delegates, which sounds like the casino mogul is ready to stop spending any more on a loser. It may also spell the end of Gingrich's campaign. 

"It appears as though he’s at the end of his – at the end of his line,” Adelson said in an interview with (Video below.) "Cause, I mean, mathematically, he can’t get anywhere near the numbers, and there’s not – unlikely there’ll be a brokered convention." As the Los Angeles Times notes, Adelson and his wife have already spent $16.5 million helping Gingrich and his super PAC.

So, what happens when your biggest donor folds?  The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz explains that Gingrich was in trouble anyways

In previous White House campaigns, Gingrich might well have quit when his money ran out. In the age of super PACs, however, his billionaire pal, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, could keep writing seven-figure checks to bolster the campaign’s efforts. But those dollars aren’t available for the campaign’s own staff and road expenses. That, in part, is why the Gingrich team is now talking about a reduced travel schedule in which the candidate will dip into states where he might do well, such as North Carolina and Texas.

Reduced travel schedule in supportive states... Slashing one-third of his staff... Adelson cutting him off. Exactly how many nails is that in Gingrich's campaign coffin? 

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