Gingrich Meets Some Endangered Animals in Salisbury

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We've often noted how much Newt Gingrich loves animals, and now most reporters have stopped following his campaign, he apparently has plenty of time to visit them at the zoo.

Today, Gingrich visited the zoo in Salisbury, Maryland, and he live tweeted some of his thoughts. It sounds like Gingrich had a great time! The candidate told his 1.4 million followers, "Salisbury zoo is a very nice local zoo-cotton topped tamarins are fascinating." They do look pretty fascinating. He then followed up with: "Just heard red wolves howling in response to local hospital siren-four wolves make quite a noise-fascinating-red wolves very endangered."

We'll leave it to others to comment on who else might be very endangered, but it's nice to see Gingrich spending some time with his furry friends.

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