George H.W. Bush Will Make His Romney Endorsement Official

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George H.W. Bush has already said he'd support Mitt Romney for president, but on now he's agreed to make a political news event  out of it, telling the Romney campaign he'd be endorsing their candidate later in the week. The pair plan to meet in Houston on Thursday and appear to reporters afterward, making the 41st president's support for the candidate a week-long story. 

Of course, Bush said way back in December that he thinks Romney's "the best choice for us." But this is the season for the Bush clan to more formally back the Republican frontrunner, as Jeb Bush did last week. Aside from George H.W. Bush, the Bushes haven't registered overwhelming support for Romney or any other candidate. Barbara Bush called the 2012 race "the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life," but she's also expressed her support for the candidate this month, recording a phone message for him shortly before Super Tuesday. George W. Bush has promised to stay out of the endorsement game altogether.

Jeb Bush came around to Romney late after hedging on who he would support. He said in January that Romney and Newt Gingrich were both "credible candidates," a departure from his father's opinion. In that same December conversation where he expressed his like for Romney, George H.W. Bush said he was not Gingrich's "biggest advocate."

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