Everyone Wants You to Know that Roy Blunt Likes Mitt Romney

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Sen. Roy Blunt endorsed Mitt Romney Wednesday, and both the Romney campaign and liberals are eager for you to know it. Blunt is most recently famous for his "Blunt Amendment" that would have reversed President Obama's contraception requirement for institutions "with moral objections" to providing birth control to their employees. The Amendment failed to pass the Senate, but Blunt's name is now in some ways synonymous with the debate, on the conservative side, of course. Now, Josh Dorner of Think Progress tweeted, "Mitt Romney just sent a press release to remind how close he is to Roy Blunt, instigator of Senate crusade against women's health care." (Harry Reid's spokesman then retweeted that statement.)

This all makes the endorsement sound scandalous, but given that Romney's people were the ones to issue the press release in the first place, he clearly wants it known that he and Blunt are united. Here's the release:

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) released the following statement today regarding Missouri’s upcoming presidential caucuses:

“As we saw during last night’s primaries, Mitt Romney's plan to help put people back to work and rein in out-of-control spending is resonating with voters nationwide. Thanks to his experience as governor and in the private sector, Mitt Romney is clearly the best prepared candidate to help put America back on a path to economic prosperity.

“In a few weeks, Missourians will make their choice during our state caucuses. I’m proud to support Governor Romney's bold agenda to jumpstart our nation's economy, and I urge my fellow Missourians who are looking for a fiscally responsible leader to support his candidacy for president.”

Previously there had been some apparent confusion in the Romney camp about how the presidential candidate felt about the Blunt Amendment: Romney at first said he opposed it, then "reversed himself quickly in a second interview saying he misunderstood the question." We're glad that's cleared up and everybody's friends now. 

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