Donald Trump's Pitch for Romney: Trust Me, He's Nothing Like Me

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At first glance it seems odd that Mitt Romney's campaign would have Donald Trump, of all people, vouching for the candidate's authenticity, not to mention his brainpower. But there Trump was on Fox & Friends Monday morning, calling The Washington Post's George Will -- who called for Republicans to give up on winning the White House and focus on the Senate -- "a totally overrated fool." It's not the first time in the last few days that Trump has defended Romney from criticism that would apply perfectly to Trump himself. Trump, who made robocalls for Romney in Ohio and Micchigan, has also testified on Romney's authenticity and likeability. 

It's unexpected that Romney would associate with Trump at all, given that over the last year Trump's fame has come, in descending order of significance, from these accomplishments: being a birther, being a fake presidential candidate, being a reality star, and being some sort of business person. But Trump's role is not to convince voters that Romney is like Trump. The point is to highlight all the ways Romney is not like Trump.


Trump: "As somebody that does a lot of selling, whether it's real estate or whatever, I always believe you have to believe in your product. I believe in Mitt Romney, so it was easy," Trump told Politico's Mike Allen over the weekend. "A lot of times I'll get to know people, and they're not as good as the persona."

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How Trump is an expert: Trump has come under fire for his business empire being as real as his reality show (not real). He says his net worth is $7 billion; in 2005 it was reported to be as little as $250 million. He's declared bankruptcy three times.


Trump:  "They don't really see the real Mitt. He's a different guy when you get to know him," Trump told Allen. Trump's aide, Michael Cohen, explained how Trump is helping Romney: "His appeal is universal. In spite of his tremendous wealth – that being over $7 billion – Donald Trump has the unique ability to connect with everyone from the CEO of a Fortune 100 company to the person on the street." 

How Trump is an expert: Trump has low approval ratings. His entire persona is based on being unlikeable. He likes to pose for photos looking like he's shouting obscenities.


Trump: "I think he’s a totally overrated fool. I think this guy is so overrated," Trump said on George Will's argument that the White House is pretty much lost whether Romney or Santorum is nominated.

How Trump is an expert:  see Authenticity, above.


Trump: "I don’t think he’s really smart, he looks smart with the little glasses and hair swept to the side," Trump continued, describing Will. This is in sharp contrast to good-haired Mitt Romney.

How Trump is an expert: Trump has famously bad hair.



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