The Beautiful People of Politics: Monday Edition

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Who was that adorable child sitting next to usually-called-"boyish"-but-elderly-by-comparison Sen. Marco Rubio on Fox News Monday? It was Josh Mandel, Ohio's treasurer and a Republican candidate for Senate. And by the way, he's 35. 

35?! How does he look so young? Politics is supposed to corrode your soul; it's only natural that it shows up on the outside. But Mandel is an Iraq war veteran, so maybe he's still practicing what the military calls "battlemind." Nevertheless, people o Twitter were shocked by his baby face. "Marco Rubio appearing on air (Fox) with OH SEN GOP hopeful Josh Mandel. Rubio looks like an old man compared to Mandel," NBC News' Chuck Todd tweeted. "Who's that 12-year old kid with Marco Rubio on Fox News?" the Daily Caller's Matt Lewis said. Others (me) wanted to know his beauty secrets. The whole episode (if it rises to such a term) is sad, sad confirmation of the old "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people" cliché. There are only a couple more political hotties we can think of. While they look great for their age and profession, it's a sad commentary on this city that these are our sex symbols (and that John Boehner is our Don Draper).

Some reporters complain about gaining weight on the campaign trail, but they've been covering Mitt Romney for about eight months, while Romney's been running for president for seven years -- and yet he's in fantastic shape. What's your excuse hotel bar-fed reproter? BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins pulled these topless Romney photos from his daughter-in-law's mommy blog:

One more Washington person who's beauty secrets we actually want? Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She's 63. She looks quite suited for her job.

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