Arlen Specter Made the Grossest Romney Analogy Yet

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Mitt Romney should be glad to be compared to an Etch A Sketch at this point: On Wednesday, former Sen. Arlen Specter kicked the bar way up (or rather, down) in the insulting imagery department by comparing the candidate to a "pornographic movie queen." Because he changes positions so often, you see.

The Democrat from Pennsylvania made the analogy on MSNBC's Morning Joe, eliciting "awkward chuckles," according to the Huffington Post's Luke Johnson, and causing panelist Donny Deutsch to pipe up, "I did not say that… The great senator from the state of Pennsylvania said that," according to Politico. It's got us wishing the campaign was a lot more like an Etch A Sketch, so we could quickly erase that image from our minds. Video courtesy of the Huffington Post:



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