World Is Getting Better, GBA Dept.

President Obama's speech this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast actually deserves study as an instance of turning religious themes and imagery to the service of his larger policy message. We take it for granted that Republicans will do this; it is interesting to see it done, and deftly, by a Democrat. I will leave the sentence-by-sentence parsing to you in the privacy of your homes. (Seriously, it is interesting -- full CSpan video here.)

I will say only that one of my personal prayers has been answered by the revised way in which the President chose to end his remarks. He mentions a meeting with Billy Graham and says:
I have fallen on my knees with great regularity since that moment -- asking God for guidance not just in my personal life and my Christian walk, but in the life of this nation and in the values that hold us together and keep us strong.  I know that He will guide us.  He always has, and He always will.  And I pray his richest blessings on each of you in the days ahead.

He always has, and He always will. Evocative language, and a graceful ending. Peace upon us all.
Thanks to KK for the tip. Previously in the "world is getting better" series here.