The Web is Talking About Andrew Breitbart's Occupy D.C. Freakout

In an over-the-top confrontation, Andrew Breitbart screamed the phrases "behave yourselves," "you are freaks and animals," and "stop raping people" for several minutes at Occupy D.C. protesters outside the hotel hosting CPAC. Here's what people are saying about it.

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The viral video of the weekend was born at 6:15 p.m. on Friday outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C., when Occupy D.C. protesters staged a demonstration against the CPAC presentations inside. That's when conservative internet publisher and confrontational blowhard Andrew Breitbart took matters into his own hands, emerging from the hotel entrance to verbally attack protesters. Here was what he screamed at them:

"Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourselves! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! You are freaks and animals! You are freaks and animals! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! 

Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Learn to behave yourselves! Stop raping people! Stop raping people! Stop raping people! Stop raping the people! You freaks! You filthy, filthy, raping, murdering freaks!"
At that point Breitbart was led away by police and hotel security. Watch the confrontation here:

The outburst, caught on camera by reporter Emily Crockett, was uploaded on Friday and instantly became a minor sensation. Here are some reactions from around the web:

Slate's David Weigel points out that this was just the latest escalation in a series of increasingly histrionic incidents from Breitbart at CPAC:

Since 2010, the first CPAC after Breibart's Big Government released James O'Keefe's ACORN video investigations, Breitbart's appearances at the conference have begun with media interviews, continued with assorted people confronting him on video, and ended with his own speeches, full of nostalgia for the stuff that just happened.

DCist quotes Crockett on the circumstances leading up to the face-off:

Breitbart got right in people's faces, Crockett says, adding that as soon as Breitbart heard occupiers were pushing up against police outside the conference, "he took it upon himself to reproach them."

From The Village Voice:

The "behave yourselves" comment seemed more than ironic, given the circumstances.

Mediaite says both sides will claim victory:

For those sympathetic to the Occupy movement, the image of Breitbart being held back while yelling the same sentences over and over at a somewhat bewildered crowd will resonate as more evidence that Breitbart is angry and not worth listening to. For those on the right, it will confirm exactly why they love him– he expresses absolutely no fear in standing before large crowds of people that view him negatively and telling them what many people have written and said in the safety of their homes: that many Occupy “camps” have serious problems with sexual harassment and unreported rape, that it is often entirely unclear what they are protesting; that ambiguous protests are annoying; that their image is sometimes aesthetically unappealing.

Observations from around Twitter:


Andrew Breitbart channels every parent who has ever gone out to a restaurant with their kids.

Anonymous tweets it to their followers:

#Occupy DC: Andrew Breitbart Loses it At Occupy CPAC Protesters

Gawker's Max Read compares the rant to Nicolas "How'd It Get Burned?!" Cage in The Wicker Man:

jeeeeeesus that breitbart vid, hes like nic cage in the wicker man

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