'S--- Mitt Says' Video is Surprisingly Amusing

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While the everlasting "Shit Somebody Says" meme has grown a bit tiring, we have to concede that latest installment featuring Mitt Romney is pretty funny, in part because it breaks the rules of the genre.

Instead of having someone in a Romney suit say Romney things, it's just clips of Romney's most embarrassing moments -- not really political ones -- compiled by Democratic Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century. The video opens with Romney posing for a photo with some black teenagers and then, for no reason, saying, "Who let the dogs out? Who! Who!" After that, Romney tells the same jokes over and over and over, laughs robotically over and over, then saying, "I've got to get Ann to stop wearing those hot pants." It finishes with the audio of Romney singing, terribly, "America the Beautiful," which has a cumulative effect of being weirdly endearing.

American Bridge to the 21st Century gets a lot of union money. The group is possibly the creator of the week-old Twitter feed @TheShitMittSays, which has no bio but is following a list of national political reporters so extensive it look an awful lot like a press secretary's list. It tweeted the video Thursday.

Romney's awkward manner in public makes him ideal for a montage, and American Bridge is actually not even the first to this meme. "Shit Mitt Romney Says" was posted by the YouTube user RomneyJustMade on February 1. There's some overlap, but the American Bridge's effort wins with that incredibly embarrassing "Who let the dogs out" opener.

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