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Mitt Romney will appear with Donald Trump at an event at Trump's Las Vegas Casino Thursday afternoon, and Trump just confirmed that he will endorse Romney there. It might seem odd that Romney would host an event to announce the endorsement given the somewhat skeptical political predictions up till now and the fact that Trump's endorsement seems to matter most to the real estate mogul himself. Still, a Romney adviser explains the logic behind Romney's public acceptance event to Politico's Reid Epstein:

A Romney adviser said Thursday that Trump continues to have a following among very conservative voters — with whom Gingrich outpolled Romney in Tuesday’s Florida primary. The adviser noted that acceptance of the endorsement was also a defensive move designed to keep Gingrich from receiving a major bounce.

While the endorsement was uncertain this morning, it's now clear that we can expect many jokes about Romney being "hired" and Gingrich being "fired" in the coming hours as one rich guy with famous hair throws his support behind another. Then again, Trump still has a few hours to change his mind. 

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