The Only Thing Ron Paul Is Winning at Is Raising Money

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Ron Paul hasn't been able to score a win in the primary season (the disputed contest in Maine is only the latest example of his frustration) but that hasn't stopped his supporters from showering him with cash. While the rest of the candidates planned dates with their wives or standard-issue stumping for Valentine's Day, Paul went for a non-Valentine's-Day-Themed money bomb that wound up making his holiday truly sweet, as it raised $1.2 million in two days. The "No One But Ron Paul" campaign raised money at the same rate Santorum's campaign did immediately after his three-state win last week, noted Justin Sink at The Hill. But campaigns are not won on fundraising reports (ask Rick Perry) and turning that cash into votes is still an elusive goal. An email to Paul supporters promises "more hard-hitting ads, direct mail and email, more boots on the ground, and more personal phone calls."

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