OK, We Can Make Our Reasoned Critiques of Obama's Governing Style and All ...

... but then he gets a chance to sing at the White House tonight, doing Sweet Home Chicago with Mick Jagger and also B.B. King?? Jeesh, talk about being the most powerful man in the world.

And about the chance to present himself as the coolest. As a gutsy vocal performance, this was not quite in the league with his a capella Al Green rendition at the Apollo last month. Among other things, the microphone wasn't working right early on. But still!

The guy does have a charm that is hard to imagine the Santorums or Romneys ever matching -- no, not even with Romney's earnest stylings of America the Beautiful. I know that there are different demographics being appealed to here: Jagger + BB King + Blues + Obama, versus America the Beautiful + Romney or Santorum. In today's America there is just more company on Obama's side of that divide, and even more who would like to think of themselves there.

One upshot of my current article is that in a second term, Obama might have a chance to become more the person we imagined the first time around. This is a start! (And for extra enjoyment check out the shots of White House chief of staff Jacob Lew bopping in the background. A real hep cat, for sure!)