No One Wants to Read Sarah Palin's E-mails Anymore

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The State of Alaska released the latest batch of e-mails from Sarah Palin's time as governor, but the nation's reporters aren't chartering jets to Juneau to get a first peek at any scandalous revelations they may contain. As a lonely-sounding Associated Press reports:

National news organizations flocked to Juneau for the first release, a frenzy that came amid speculation about whether Palin might seek the GOP presidential nomination this year. Palin announced in October that she did not plan to run.

Thursday's release of the records brought none of that frenzy. AP reporters, however, were reviewing the emails.

We here at The Atlantic Wire fully admit to participating in the feeding frenzy last time around. As we pointed out then, and the AP reminds us now, the last batch was semi-interesting reading but "produced no bombshells." And so far, this batch looks to be the same. So now the story becomes more meta, a curious point of evidence in the tale of Sarah Palin's decreasing allure to the news media since her decision not to run for president. 

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