Mitt Romney Wasn't Much of a Job Creator as Governor

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In yet another piece of bad news for Mitt Romney after his triple trouncing last night, The Washington Post does a front-page rundown of the the ex-governor's record as a job creator in Massachusetts -- one that we're reminded isn't all that good. Romney's less-than-stellar record as a job creator (not to mention jobs he'd recommend cut while working as a consultant) have been mentioned by his opponents, but reporter Jia Lynn Yang lays out a thorough case undermining the job-creating record Romney has touted. Among the facts she cites: Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation while he was in office; the state was just one of four "that by the time of the financial crisis still had not recovered all the jobs they had lost during the 2001 recession"; and only hurricane-hit Louisiana had a larger drop in workforce during Romney's term. The kicker is a summing-up quote from a Northwestern Northeastern University economist. “There was not one measure where the state did well under his term in office. We were below average and often near the bottom." Though Romney's record as governor was wrapped up when he left office in 2007, as Ryan Lizza notes, being reminded of it again today by The Post after losing in Minnesota, Colorado, (unofficially in) Missouri makes for a pretty awful news day for Mitt.

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