Koch Brothers Spend $700,000 on Ads Defending Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker faces a growing recall effort, but he's got some powerful, moneyed, and familiar friends to help him defeat it: The Koch brothers.

The conservative billionaire duo's Americans for Prosperity nonprofit has spent $700,000 on ads supporting the governor's record as the recall effort against him gains steam. Last year, they were reportedly behind Walker in his showdown with unions over the state budget.

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent broke the Koch ad spending news in The Plum Line, pointing out that while the current ad may not use Walker's name, but manages to gives a point-by-point defense of his tenure: "The spot is a remarkable minute-long defense of Walker’s budgetary policies, including the controversial rollback of public employee bargaining rights, and interestingly, the ad mounts this defense without mentioning Walker’s name once."

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