Issa Threatens Contempt Proceedings Against Holder Over Fast and Furious

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House Oversight Committee chair Darrell Issa says he'll "move forward with the contempt process" against Attorney General Eric Holder if the Justice Department doesn't at least describe the Fast and Furious documents it won't turnover to Issa's committee, Talking Points Memo reports.

The justice department "is playing political gotcha games, instead of allowing a co-equal branch of government to perform its constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch," Issa says in a seven-page letter posted on the House of Representative's website. The committee had given Holder until February 9 to turn over documents in the failed gun-trafficking operation, and Issa says it's "ironic" the department asked for more time and that it "demonstrates a lack of good faith."

The Fast and Furious scandal has infuriated conservatives, and they're all the more infuriated by the fact that mainstream newspapers won't call it a scandal on their front pages.






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