Guy Who Reported the Times Square Car Bomb Now Running for Congress

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The handbag vendor who called police when he saw an SUV suspiciously idling in Times Square in 2010 says the experience inspired him to run for Congress. And why not? The 59-year-old Duane Jackson got a call from the president and was roundly lauded as a hero for calling in the report of a vehicle full of fertilizer and gasoline. One could do worse as a basis to break into politics. Jackson's running as a democrat, looking for the nomination to challenge Republican Nan Hayworth in New York's 19th district, north of New York City.

And lest you think selling handbags does not qualify one for political office, the Associated Press's rundown of his qualifications sounds not half bad: "A Navy veteran, Jackson said he has 15 years of experience in city planning and housing, including posts with New York City's education and housing departments. He sees his years as a vendor as 'small-business experience.' " And Jackson already has experience arguing his merit against a rival: Remember Lance Orton, the other vendor who also called police about the car bomb? Don't see his name in the headlines much anymore, now do you?

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