Gingrich Once Got Advice About Assistant Coaches from Joe Paterno

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An old video has resurfaced of Newt Gingrich on Charlie Rose's show in 1998 discussing a conversation he had with the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno about how to deal with assistant coaches. The video comes to us thanks to archival footage finding wizard Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed

One of those assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky, is of course headed to trial on charges that he sexually abused young boys. And of course, of course, Newt Gingrich and Charlie Rose did not know this at the time of this conversation, so it's absolutely not significant beyond the curiosity factor. Still, it is oddly coincidental. How does footage of a politician, Newt Gingrich, discussing Joe Paterno's assistant coaches of all possible things, exist? It's almost like it was made up to fit later events.

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