Gingrich Didn't Get the GOP Memo About That Eastwood Ad

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"I have to confess, I liked the Clint Eastwood halftime ad," Newt Gingrich told a crowd in Ohio today, going against the prevailing Republican message of late, which has been to take offense at Chrysler's  "Halftime in America" Superbowl advertisement.
Sure it's only aired once, but "Halftime in America" has quickly become a polarizing political conversation--the president's senior adviser David Axelrod supports it, Karl Rove hates it, and many on both sides think it's a very effective pro-Obama spot.  That didn't stop Newt Gingrich from telling people he actually liked it. More specifically, he liked the message. "I liked the tone of the ad," Gingrich said. "I like that the world has counted us out before ... We're just regrouping," he added. That's a message that could definitely apply to his election hopes.

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