Even Callista's Bad Jokes Play Into Newt's Delusions of Grandeur

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Poor Callista Gingrich was forced to tell terrible jokes as she introduced her husband at CPAC Friday, and even her punchlines played to her husband's extremely high regard for his own intelligence. At one point, she boasted about how many books he has, noting, "Newt also has an entire library on his Kindle. I may be the most grateful person in America for this invention."

The bulk of her jokes, though, were about golf: "Newt is an enthusiastic and committed golfer. He gets in and out of more sand traps than anyone I've ever seen," Callista said leaning into her punchline. When her husband arrived on stage, he made a little call-back, saying, "What Callista didn't tell you is that I'm a terrible golfer."

In case that bit of modesty has you thinking Newt's lost his confidence, take a look at he dramatic photo composite of the group he refers to as his "Dream Team." It was projected above him on stage, and  we added it's obvious inspiration from The West Wing, to help drive Newt's point home. If you like it, it's available at CPAC as a knickknack

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