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President Obama's senior adviser took to Twitter and highlighted Chrysler's chill-inducing, Clint Eastwood-driven "Halftime in America" Superbowl ad--no surprise since it makes for a pretty good Obama re-election ad. Axelrod liked what he heard last night (video below in case you missed it): Clint Eastwood, a hard-nosed fiscally conservative (he's liberal on social issues) Republican highlighting the success of Detroit and "coming together", while alluding (not the good kind) of the divisive nature of politics. Axelrod tweeted his thoughts last night: "Powerful spot. Did Clint shoot that, or just narrate it?"

Powerful? We'll take that.  We also thought the spot sounded very similar to President Obama's State of the Union Address (Detroit, coming together, etc.) and echoed plenty of Obama's recent talking points. And we weren't the only ones.  ABC News' Amy Walter summed up Axelrod's approval very succinctly (she had to, it was Twitter):

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