Casino Mogul Doubles Down on Risky Gingrich Bet

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Though it seemed like he might be wavering, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson has decided to let another $10 million ride on Newt Gingrich's flailing bid for president. The Gingrich-backing super PAC "Winning Our Future" is expected to get that $10 million after having previously gotten $11 million from Adelson in January. (The New York Times's estimate for the donation was $10 million.) Due to pesky campaign-finance rules, that money isn't going directly to Gingrich's cash-strapped campaign coffers, but rather to that super PAC supporting him. But since Winning Our Future, as CBS News reports, "bombarded the airwaves in South Carolina last month ahead of the primary there, is largely credited with helping Gingrich win in the Palmetto state," Newt's surely smiling at Adelson's generous gift.

Adelson's latest donation was a little bit surprising after reports of him appearing to second guess Gingrich, with associates of his quoted as saying "He is fond of Governor Romney." As a January New York Times profile on Adelson pointed put, the casino mogul's pet issue is Israel and he sees Newt as the biggest Israel hawk the GOP's got. In any case, Adelson clearly has the spare change to make another bet on Gingrich: According to the Huffington Post he makes $3.3 million an hour.

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