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Perry endorsed GingrichCain endorsed umm "everyone," but there's one ex-candidate whose still taking her time making an endorsement. And apparently we're going to have to wait longer. Michele Bachmann was very quick to shoot down rumors that she was in talks with Mitt Romney's campaign for an eventual endorsement. Singling out The Boston Globe for an article speculating that Romney was going to Minnesota to broker an endorsement with Bachmann, her staff fired off a statement this morning saying, "Let me be absolutely clear: There are absolutely no negotiations between me and the Romney campaign regarding any pending endorsement of Governor Romney."

Backmann added that she still talks to all the candidates and if that wasn't "absolutely clear," she went on Fox News to emphasize that  she and Romney won't even be in the same city. "He will be in Minnesota. I’m in Washington , D.C., doing my job in the United State Congress."

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