Gabby Giffords Resigned After Her Last Bill Passed

Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords has officially resigned from the House of Representatives after unanimous passage of her last piece of legislation.

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Update (11 a.m. EST): The bill, H.R. 3801, just passed by a vote of 408 to 0. Giffords is on the House floor surrounded by her well-wishing colleagues, shaking hands and receiving congratulations. Her letter of resignation was read into the record before the vote, and if you missed it you can see the whole thing right here, courtesy of Talking Points Memo. The bill that passed would increase penalties for smugglers who use ultralight planes to bring drugs into the United States, The Hill reports. Now, Giffords plans to leave Washington and focus on her recovery.

Original: Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords just entered the House of Representatives to officially resign from her position after a vote on her final piece of legislation. The bill gives the federal government more authority to combat cross-border drug trafficking, the Washington Post reports. "Giffords and a fellow Arizona lawmaker, Rep. Jeff Flake (R), this week introduced the measure, which is a new version of a Giffords bill that overwhelmingly passed the House in 2010 but was not taken up by the Senate." Giffords announced on Sunday she would resign from her government duties, and Wednesday's vote will be her last act as a member of Congress. Watch it live here:

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