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Possibly proving that Donald Trump still matters to some people somewhere, his supporters have allegedly filed paperwork allowing him to run as a third party candidate in Texas. That's what "sources close to Trump" and Trump himself told Glenn Beck's The Blaze late last night, which ran an "exclusive" last week about the Trump momentum in Texas, but didn't interview any of those devoted supporters about this filing--a filing which the Fort Worth Star-Telegram deems "distinct and complex". They did talk to Trump obviously however and came up with a response which reads more like a denial that he planted the entire story before tapering off into a Trump cliff-hanger:

I have not authorized anyone to act on my behalf and am not a candidate for president at this time. I will not, however, rule out a third-party candidacy if the Republicans nominate a candidate who cannot defeat Obama and I recently changed my party registration in New York state to preserve my legal option to appear on the ballot in all 50 states if I do decide to run.

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