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Though he's not saying when he will make it or whom it will be for, Donald Trump is giving the Republican candidates fair warning that the endorsement no one should want is coming soon. Speaking of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, "I’m friendly with both. I respect both.  I like both ... They both want my endorsement.  We’ll see what happens but, in a very short time I’ll be making an endorsement." 

It's safe to presume that Rick Santorum and Ron Paul will be left out in the cold, but that may be to their benefits. Before the New Hampshire primary 79 percent of voters there said they'd be less likely to vote based on a Trump endorsee. Still Gingrich for one has confirmed publicly he'd like Trump's nod. Meanwhile, even while Trump's hinting, the mogul cannot bring himself to rule out a third-party run on Good Morning America. Yesterday we learned from Trump's lawyer that he's been speaking to "many high-level political operatives, campaign managers, finance directors" about a potential Trump campaign -- but only if Trump's endorsee loses, apparently. Whatever he plans to do, expect it to be whatever he thinks will get him the most attention.

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