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If you needed any more confirmation that Jon Huntsman doesn't stand a chance in South Carolina, the latest Public Policy Polling numbers show him trailing Stephen Colbert.  It's true. Five percent of primary voters would pick Colbert who has as much sway than Huntsman (4 percent) and Buddy Roemer (1 percent) combined. Of course there's that whole idea whether those people polled people are voting for his persona or the actual Stephen Colbert, or if they were taking the poll seriously---but all those hypothetical situations are all underlined by the concrete fact that Colbert is not on the ballot.  "Colbert's key, had he been allowed on the ballot, would have been to draw out Democratic voters in the state's open primary," wrote Public Policy, shedding light behind that five percent. They specifically state that "34 percent of Democrats planning to vote in the Republican contest support him to 15 percent for Romney, 13 percent for Gingrich, and 10 percent for Santorum." The poll also found that Mitt Romney is holding a four-point lead over Newt Gingrich--but that's just not as fun. 

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