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Not to be outdone by Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney's celebrity endorsements, Ron Paul is catching a buzz from a celebrity nod of his own: Snoop Dogg. Or at least it's as much of a nod as Facebook status updates go. Via BuzzFeed, all the rapper had to do to accrue some 20,000 likes was post the picture to the right with the one-line explanation "because i said so." It's fair to presume that Snoop Dogg likes the libertarian's stance against the federal prohibition on marijuana, which anyone from the '90s can tell you is an integral part of Snoop Dogg's life philosophy. And though Snoop Dogg has said that he'd like to light up with a certain other presidential candidate who doesn't support legalization but who's admitted to smoking himself, the rapper shouldn't expect to get high with Paul anytime soon. The congressmen doesn't smoke himself. And while waiting for a more full-throated endorsement some commenters make jokes...

...while others point out Paul's maybe racist past.

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