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It cost a lot of money for Mitt Romney to regain his lead in Florida polls from Newt Gingrich. Romney's campaign and superPAC spent a combined $13.8 million on TV and radio ads in Florida, compared to Gingrich's combined total of $3.9 million, ABC News' Michael Falcone reports. Winning Our Future promised to spend at least $6 million on ads earlier this week, but so far, the pro-Gingrich superPAC hasn't made the ad purchase. It's spent $3 million so far, and Gingrich's campaign has spent a mere $837,000, Falcone reports. That looks awfully minuscule compared to the $5.6 million spent by Romney's campaign and the $8.2 million spent by his PAC. Gingrich's campaign has released a new ad saying Romney lied five times in Thursday night's debate, though it's not clear when it will air:

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