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Hail to the meme. Rick Santorum is now selling his branded sweater vests for $100 a piece. Well, technically the 100 percent cotton, Made-in-the-USA (no outsourcing here) sleeveless pieces are a free gift (and come in sizes all the way to 5XL) with a $100 donation to his campaign. The sweater vests have become a figment of fascination for the American public, and even journalists aren't immune to their powers. We've seen first hand how the vests started out as a seemingly innocent, organic fashion choice, we followed them as they turned an Internet meme, and now they've become synonymous with Santorum and his Republican talking points.  CNN's Erin Burnett interviewed Santorum last night (video) and couldn't wait to ask him about his sartorial choices. "This is my Second Amendment vest--the right to bare arms," Santorum tells her, fully aware that the line is kind of terrible.  On his campaign website, he has an equally cheesy line."Don't let sleeves slow you down — donate today!"

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