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Todd Palin, husband of Sarah Palin, has endorsed Newt Gingrich for president, he told ABC News Monday, prompting some political watchers to, well, snicker. Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal wisely tweets, "Who is Todd Palin's constituency?" Good question given Palin's total lack of political experience beyond whatever participation he's had in his wife's career. Todd Palin notes that he hasn't spoken with the Gingrich campaign at all, and his wife still hasn't decided whom to support. The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis thus seizes on the one glimmer of importance in all this: "Obvious question: Will Sarah Palin follow Todd?" he asks. Sarah Palin, after all, does maintain something of a constituency these days so her endorsement (which might finally, finally end the "will she run rumors") might give Gingrich's sad campaign some oomph.

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