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Politco's Dylan Byers introduces us to 29-year-old Nathan Kleinman, a veteran of Occupy Philadelphia who's challenging Allyson Schwartz, a Democrat representing Pennsylvania's 13th district, for her seat in the House of Representatives.

"The petition gathering period starts today and lasts for three weeks, so I plan to file by then," Kleinman tells Byers. "I'll be running in the Democratic primary." Which would mean that, if he bests Schwartz in the primary, Kleinman would be running as a Democrat, not an Occupier. Though Politico describes Kleinman as "The First Occupy Candidate," it seems like a slight stretch. Kleinman's running as a Democrat with a history of supporting Occupy isn't dissimilar to Dr. Scott Noren, the Occupy sympathizer who announced his intentions in December to challenge New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, also a Democrat, for her seat in the Senate. At the time, Noren told Politico that "any day that I was in that capital (sic.) I could envision spending 10 or 15 minutes, having a little crash session with them, and getting a feel, a direct pulse from the public through the Occupy movement." Should Kleinman earn enough signatures  to challenge Schwartz -- he needs 1,000 and $100 -- he might align himself more assertively with the Occupy movement. Then again, he might just be another Democrat by then.

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