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Some pretty nasty stats about attack ads are flowing out of Florida, giving more clout to New York Magazine's cover story last week. 

A fresh blog post by The New York Times's Jeremy W. Peters notes that 92 percent of the ads leading up to Tuesday's Florida primary were negative. "These figures, compiled by the Kantar Media Campaign Media Analysis Group, attest to the bitter turn the race took after the South Carolina primary when Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the 'super PACs' working to elect them unleashed a barrage of attacks on each other," Peters blogged.

We can't help but remember New York's cover of Mitt Romney,  Barack Obama and a tiny Newt Gingrich all bruised and bloody from last week. "The Coming Tsunami of Slime" reads the headline accompanying Joe Hagan's story inside, and, boy, does it seem prescient.

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