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Proving that politicians attempting to speak a foreign language will never not be funny, a new Twitter account parodying Mitt Romney's French skills follows up on Newt Gingrich's bizarrely off-topic attack ad on his Francophone rival. @LeVraiMitt started tweeting Friday morning with pidgin French phrases that parody all sorts of oft-discussed Romney quirks and flaws. "Le nomination est basicallement deja mine." reads one tweet. (That's pseudo-French for, "The nomination is basically already mine.") Or "Monsieur Gingrich est tres unfair pour me attacker. Aussi il est un gros attack muffin. Ou peut-etre un attack croissant." (That'd be, "Mr. Gingrich is very unfair for attacking me. Also, he is a large attack muffin. Or maybe an attack croissant." (Finally, we discover why studying Baudelaire was useful to our career.)) 

The account is funny, but it's obviously building off the very popular parody of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, @ElBloombito, which got its start lightly mocking Bloomberg's attempts to give press conferences in Spanish during Hurricane Irene. That account had a lot more material to work with, as Gingrich's ad that features Romney has him only saying "Je m'appelle Mitt Romney." And sure, he's got a pretty American accent, but everything's grammatical. Bloomberg had entire press conferences worth of parody material. Still, @LeVraiMitt has already had a pretty good afternoon of tweets, so we highly recommend you see what other mots he has to dire.  (Woah sorry, didn't mean to lose you. That's college-level Franglish, right there.)

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