Huntsman Gets With the Program, Deletes Anti-Romney Videos

(See update below, with link to two of the deleted ads)

That was fast.

I mentioned last month that Jon Huntsman's campaign had prepared a brilliant set of mocking anti-Romney videos, funnier and therefore more wounding than anything the Democrats had come up with. The scions of these two big Utah/LDS families were not thought to be big admirers of each other.

Well, I hope someone cached those videos some place. Because they've been zapped from YouTube and the Huntsman campaign site. Huntsman, having decided to drop out and apparently preparing to endorse Romney tomorrow, is cleaning up the loose ends.

Here is a screen capture of one of the videos a few days ago.


The "Mittstant Replay" was the riff for a bunch of funny contrasts of Romney contradicting himself. Now at that site we find:


As they say, politics ain't beanbag. A reminder that if you see something interesting, it makes sense to copy and store it. And, I assume that someone did that, so these videos haven't utterly disappeared from the digital world. (If the DNC failed to do so, they're not taking this election seriously enough.) Congrats to @PaulBlu, Paul Blumenthal of HuffPost, for first noticing the deletions.
Touche to reader MJS, who pointed out that this discovery is equivalent to the realization that there is no Santa. And from various readers thanks for a link to Mittstant Replay that is still functioning as of 10:30 am EST, Jan 16.

And here is a back-from-the-memory-hole version of the infamous "flip flopping monkey" ad the Huntsman campaign made about Romney, still working as of now.