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When it comes to being a class warrior, Elizabeth Warren is merely a studio gangster.  When asked about congressional insider trading on MSNBC Thursday night, Warren said, “I realize there are some wealthy individuals – I’m not one of them, but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios." But as BuzzFeed points out, the Massachusetts Senate candidate is definitely one of them. Her own financial disclosure forms show she's worth as much as $14.5 million, which according to The Wall Street Journal's net worth calculator puts her comfortably in the top 1 percent of Americans, and she lives in a $5 million house. Warren is more likely to invite the rich over for a fancy dinner party than she is to eat them. If she does have any pitchforks, they are sterling silver and from Williams Sonoma.

Update: Warren's campaign emails: "Elizabeth was making the point that, unlike many members of Congress, she does not have a broad portfolio of stocks in individual companies.  If elected, she'll get rid of the  one stock she does own."


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