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With Tuesday's news that Debbie Bosanek, Warren Buffett's famed secretary, would attend the State of the Union as a guest of Michelle Obama, the media got a little hint about the subject of the president's speech (hint: taxes). Now we can put a face to a much-discussed name. When Warren Buffett first wrote his blockbuster op-ed in The New York Times asking for his taxes to be raised so that he can pay a higher rate than his employee, the hunt for his secretary began. The media discovered that a man like Buffett actually has more than one administrative assistant. Bosanek, one of those assistants, declined to give interviews, but it seems she just can't resist the pretty cool opportunity to watch the State of the Union next to the First Lady even at the risk of more scrutiny. The Washington Post's Emily Heil got an interview with her Tuesday, and she sounds quite adorable. "I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night," Bosanek says. She notes that she's headed on an early plane back to Omaha the next day. (Gotta make that very taxable money!) 

There's been much politicization about Buffett's secretary and her tax rate in the past months, with Obama regularly invoking her in speeches, and now it's reaching fever pitch with the revelation that Mitt Romney, a likely challenger to Obama, also pays a lower tax rate than administrative assistants like Bosanek. We imagine she's going to have a really fun night, but she might not like the limelight once she's back at her desk in Omaha the next day. 

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