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Last night Alec Baldwin sustained the speculation that he will make an Al Franken-like jump from comedy to politics in the near future, telling CNN's Piers Morgan, "I do want to run for office one day."  The 30 Rock star added, "When and how is something I'm still trying to think very seriously about." That "when and how," of course, was complicated last month when the actor snuffed talk that he'd run for mayor of New York. Baldwin has long dangled the possibility of a political career. But he also has what a political pro would probably call an optics problem with his penchant for temper tantrums like the whole Words with Friends airplane episode. Baldwin acknowledged as much to Morgan, while suggesting that time (specifically, a couple of years) heals all political wounds and that he'll reconsider then. "In the political world, two years is an eternity. Who ever thought in the New York political world Spitzer would resign? Who ever thought that Hillary would run for Senate?" We'd suggest avoiding any Spitzer allusions since he has yet to revive this political career (or his media one for that matter). But since (thankfully) Baldwin will still be on 30 Rock, don't be surprised to hear Jack Donaghy mull over his political ambitions in at least one episode.

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